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The Story

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Hi, my name is Diego Albornoz, Colombian born, now based in the UK and founder of Café De Vida.  It all started with my visits back to my homeland, where I’d always bring back coffee as gifts for friends and colleagues, who relished these moments as they didn’t have access to the variety and flavours found in my beautiful country.

After many months of sampling coffees from different regions of Colombia I appointed one of the best producers in the middle of the coffee axis as my partner, given me exclusivity to the UK market.


Not only the coffee is amazing but to ensure sustainability within the small community I support a foundation of farmers and the 26 families that work hard to produce this award-winning coffee.

Born during Covid-19 lockdowns, Brexit and many other challenges has not made it easy, but with this overall purpose and opportunity help a community in my beloved Colombia has allowed me to succeed.

Today Cafe De Vida looks at a bright future ahead planning on expanding its presence in the UK, and rest of world.

Join me in this amazing journey!



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