Our Story



The idea for Cafe de Vida was born when we (co-founders and partners - Theodora and Diego) , ventured to the land of coffee, Colombia. We hoped to find a way to bring sustainable and excellent quality coffee to customers in London.

On return, we excitedly planned the company's launch, but the announcement of the UK’s first national lockdown threw a spanner into the mix. Few were prepared to open businesses in a time of uncertainty, redundancy and isolation.

After a great deal of determination and passion Cafe De Vida was incorporated, two months after the first lockdown finished, in May 2020.

Since, it’s been a rollercoaster ride, with each month presenting new challenges.

At the beginning travel, importation restrictions and closed borders made it near impossible to source the premium coffee first sampled in Colombia.

Although the journey could have been smoother, lockdown taught us a lot and, in the end, benefited the Cafe De Vida product range. Delays meant the original August launch date was pushed back and the business was adapted for the web, with branded gift-sets, filters and coffee spoons available for purchase.


Every setback made the team even more determined to succeed and throughout the launch process there were many proud moments. None more than when three months after the original launch date the first bags of branded Cafe De Vida Premium Colombian Coffee arrived in the UK!

Opening just one week before London was thrown into Tier 4, we thought we had put the challenges of 2020 behind us. But with the arrival of 2021, and a third national lockdown, we now hope community spirit will see us through.

At Cafe De Vida we are committed to making sure you still have access to a little luxury at home, and so we will continue to be delivering your coffee throughout this lockdown. There may be additional challenges and restrictions on postal services times, but we will do whatever it takes to guarantee we get you your Premium Colombian Coffee.

We look forward to you being part of our story!

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